This morning I received the Summer Rayne Oakes newsletter, which mentions that the eco-fashionista will be heading to Singapore to film “a new, entertaining environmentally-charged show.” I’ve contacted SRO’s PR firm for details.

Also highlighted in the newsletter is a video by New Century Thinking featuring Summer Rayne, who speaks on “fashion’s hidden impact.” So, who is New Century Thinking?

New Century Thinking is a media project in the early stages of development, dedicated to getting the varied stories of the movement into the mainstream. The project’s principle focus is on the American college campus, which is rapidly expanding as a meeting ground for those who wish to realize the economic, social, and environmental opportunities upon which a brighter future depends.

Other videos feature Peter Senge, Sara Schley, Paul Freundlich and Billy Parish.

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Big Picture TV

Another media project I stumbled on this week is Big Picture TV, whose tagline is “online TV for people who care.” But what exactly is it? I’ll let them explain:

Big Picture TV (BPTV) is a free media channel based in London and San Francisco. We stream short talking heads of some of the most renowned pioneers in Sustainable Development and from the environmental, social justice and peace movements. By offering progressive leaders in these inter-related fields a fully independent web-based media platform, we aim to make the big picture a clearer one for the world’s online community.

And their talking heads list is quite impressive: Ray Anderson, Michael Braungart, Lester Brown, Helen Caldicott, Jane Goodall, Julia Butterfly Hill, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Amory Lovins, Wangari Maathai, William McDonough, Terry Tempest Williams, and many more. Quite a who’s who of the environmental community.

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Listen Up!

And yes, yet another media project, but this one is for the youth! Listen Up! is “a youth media network that connects young video producers and their allies to resources, support, and projects in order to develop the field and achieve an authentic youth voice in the mass media.” Over in the Listen Up! screening room, I came across three PSAs about landfills, garbage and brownfields. What a great idea: having youngsters get involved with an issue via a medium that they’re familiar with!

So, whether you are a young filmmaker, educator or media outlet, Listen Up! has something for you.

Week’s Recap

And before I let you go, here is a quick recap of other media items appearing in Gristmill this week: