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As the United States cautiously re-opened this summer, many people had questions about returning the world as it was. The first post-lockdown summer earned the unenviable distinction of being the hottest ever recorded. July 2021 was the planet’s warmest July ever, with ever more examples of the climate crisis’ dangerous extremes, from megafires of epic proportions, such as California’s Dixie fire to Italy’s record-breaking rain—events that provide ample incentive to get serious about climate goals. 

As the financial industry will play a major role in meeting climate targets, companies like Ando are working to deliver convenient ways to ensure your money gets invested in industries you support. They’ve developed an app that gives customers immediate control over how they direct their funds for the greatest environmental impact. 

Green banks – financial institutions or facilities dedicated to accelerating the shift to a sustainable economy – drove a record amount of clean energy investment last year. According to the Coalition for Green Capital and 2020’s Green Bank Industry Report, the total investment in clean energy was $7 billion. Initiativ... Read more

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