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Originally, the 26th international U.N. conference on climate change was supposed to be held last November. Then, COVID-19 devastated the world, killing over 4 million people and bringing the planet to a halt. The most important summit in the world for slowing the pace of global warming was postponed for over a year — the meeting is currently scheduled for this November in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Now environmental groups are pushing to have the conference delayed once again — citing ongoing risks from the pandemic and an unequal distribution of vaccines. Climate Action Network, a global network of over 1,500 environmental organizations and civil society groups, released a statement on Tuesday calling for the meeting, known as “COP26,” to be put off even longer.

“With just two months to go, it is evident that a safe, inclusive and just global climate conference is impossible given the failure to support access to vaccines to millions of people in poor countries, the rising costs of travel and accommodation, and the uncertainty in the course of the Covid19 pandemic,” the group said in a statement.

It’s a hard recommendation to swallow as the consequ... Read more

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