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Montani Semper Liberi

A woman was forcibly removed from a public hearing for listing lawmakers’ oil and gas donations.

Lissa Lucas is running for a seat in West Virginia’s state legislature, against a Republican incumbent who has received thousands of dollars from fossil fuel companies.

On Friday, Lucas took to the West Virginia House floor to enumerate those dollars while speaking out against a bill that would allow companies to drill on private land with permission of only 75 percent of the affected landowners.

At the public hearing, Lucas began by listing the donations to members of the West Virginia House judiciary committee, Charlotte Lane (at least $10,000 from industry interests) and John Shott (at least $8,000). She was starting in on Jason S. Harshbarger, the Republican she plans to run against in the upcoming midterm elections, when Shott cut her off for making “personal comments.”

Lucas continued to list Harshbarger’s campaign donations until she was removed from the floor. As she left, she shouted Montani Semper Liberi — “Mountaineers are Always Free,” the motto on West Virginia’s state seal.