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Are all these pro-climate celebrities being held hostage?

Perhaps you are familiar with NextGen Climate, the Tom Steyer–backed organization committed to getting out the *~*millennial*~* vote in the interest of electing climate-oriented politicians. You may have seen NextGen’s ads — executed to, you know, get out that ol’ millennial vote — which star the likes of Natalie Portman, Aziz Ansari, and Ben Affleck.

Strategically, this makes sense: Millennials are fond of celebrities. (Maybe.)

But some of their recent videos have made us wonder: What if NextGen Climate were holding all of these actors hostage?

Natalie Portman’s ad features nothing more than her disembodied voice — where was it recorded, we wonder? Aziz Ansari? Clearly miffed and mildly panicked to have been ambushed beside a cactus! Can’t blame him — I hate to be caught off guard in a room full of houseplants.

But nothing raised the alarm like Ben Affleck’s Funny or Die “Get out the vote, New Hampshire” campaign:

Has anyone seen or heard from Ben Affleck in a couple of weeks? Call us — we’re concerned.