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Bernie Sanders tells us how to fight for the climate in the Trump era.

We asked politicians, advocates, and green leaders how to work toward climate action, sustainability, and social justice in these trying times. Here’s what Sanders had to say:

During the campaign, Donald Trump talked about climate change being a hoax. You know what? Climate change is not a hoax. It is a threat to this entire planet. He better start listening to the scientific communities and not just the fossil fuel industry.

And if he doesn’t? Millions of people, led by the young people who want to transform this country, are going to have to say: “Sorry, Mr. Trump, I want this planet to be healthy and habitable for my children and my grandchildren, and that is more important than the short-term profits of the oil industry.”

Trump’s agenda is a minority agenda, not supported by most people. Our job is to mobilize and educate and to fight back at every instance.

Follow the sage advice of our favorite Vermont senator (no offense, Sen. Patrick Leahy) and others here. And use the hashtag #SoNowWhat on social media to offer your own ideas for how we can continue to make progress and find hope.