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Vegan Schmegan

Can a lifelong meat-lover go vegan and not go crazy? We’re gonna find out!

Last week I broke my daylong Yom Kippur fast — that’s the Jewish Day of Atonement for all you goys — by taking a bite (actually, several) out of the plant-based Impossible Burger. It was extremely tasty — enough so that I didn’t miss the beef.

It’s easier to be a vegan than ever before — and a lot of that has to do with the growing quality and variety of plant-based meat and dairy substitutes, like the Impossible Burger. The “fake meat” market is projected to top $5 billion by 2020, and marketers see the trend going mainstream across the United States.

I’m extremely wary of the health hazards — both emotional and physical — of placing heavy restrictions on your diet. So I wanted to see: Does a vegan lifestyle have to be an exercise in self-restraint?

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