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Check out this new thing we made.

Every day at Grist, our writers seek out the most important, unusual, or just plain fun things that we think our amazing readers (that’s you!) should know about. Now we’re going to share them with you in a way that’s perfect for the device you probably use the most: your phone.

In Briefly, we’ll provide you a stream of smart, keen, and brief (get it?) stories about the news that matters — as well as the most entertaining tidbits of our weird, Gristy world.

What’s in that world? Glad you asked! We’ll be covering clean tech, cool science, car-free cities, energy policy and politics, environmental justice, pop culture, sustainable food production, signs of an impending climate-pocalypse, and more — all through our green-tinted glasses.

When you’re yearning for something meatier (your secret’s steak … er, safe with us), we’ll still have in-depth stories about all those issues and more at

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