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Climate activists shut down five tar-sands oil pipelines.

On Tuesday, 10 protesters in four states were arrested after turning off valves controlling the flow of crude oil from the Alberta tar sands into the U.S. They warned of the climate danger posed by the oil and pledged solidarity with activists fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline.



The five pipelines targeted — in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and Washington state — together carry about 15 percent of daily U.S. oil consumption, according to Reuters. One of the lines restarted on Tuesday and the rest are reportedly still down. But the temporary shutdown is not expected to impact supply or the oil market, and no damage was reported.

The process of extracting and refining tar-sands oil is difficult and carbon-intensive, which makes it even more polluting than oil from other sources.

The activists are affiliated with the group Climate Direct Action, which is now seeking donations to help fund their legal expenses.