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Comey? More like … coal-me!!!

Many of us spent Thursday trying to decipher Arizona Sen. John McCain’s questioning of former FBI Director James Comey while contemplating the latter’s illustrious Ultimate Frisbee career, but STAY FOCUSED, PEOPLE! The Trump administration took advantage of the diversion to try to rouse the coal industry from a long nap.

In the past 48 hours:

  • The Department of Energy announced it will put $6.9 million toward research into new sources of rare-earth elements. You may know them as “those things at the far end of the periodic table I never memorized,” but they’re key elements of things such as computer hard drives, camera lenses, aircraft engines, and computer screens. And where will DOE be looking for them? Coal and its byproducts, of course.
  • On Friday morning, a new coal mine opened in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, about 60 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. The Associated Press reports that the state received a $3 million grant for the Acosta mine project, which is expected to provide 50 to 100 jobs. According to Johnstown, Pennsylvania’s WJAC, Trump provided a “video message praising the new facility,” in which he reportedly said: “As long as I’m president, I’ll be fighting for (what?)”

What, indeed.