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Alex Wong/Getty Images

Don Blankenship, fresh outta federal prison, has outlined his campaign platform.

You may remember a certain ex-convict announced plans to run for U.S. Senate last November.

Blankenship, the former CEO of Massey Energy, was condemned to a one-year sentence in 2015 for conspiring to break mine safety laws. (One of Massey’s mines experienced a major explosion in 2010, in which 29 miners died.)

Now, Blankenship is fresh into his campaign. He announced his platform at a town hall meeting on Thursday. Here they are, via the Beckley Register-Herald:

  1. He’s innocent. He says the explosion was actually caused by the negligence of officials from the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), who suggested a fateful modification to the mine. Blankenship said they didn’t propose a shoddy solution on purpose, but were influenced by their “Pennsylvania background.”
  2. He favors powering electric cars with electricity produced from … coal.
  3. He’s against federal funding for abortions, which doesn’t exist. “I believe American children have a right to be born,” he said. “I also agree with a right to a life.”
  4.  “Climate change is probably a fact,” but “American-made climate change is not a fact.”
  5. And: “People who are in prison need to be given their voting rights if they serve their time.”

The improbability of his success is best encapsulated by this question from an audience member, as The Register-Herald reports: “How stupid do you think West Virginian voters are?”