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Not Just Climatology

Donald Trump has said wrong things about pretty much every -ology there is.

After reading this New Yorker piece by celebrated physicist Lawrence M. Krauss, we couldn’t help but subject ourselves to a stroll through some of the GOP candidate’s more … curious … beliefs.

Biology: Trump said in a Republican debate last year that vaccines cause autism. (They don’t.) It wasn’t the first time.

Epidemiology: Trump criticized the CDC and President Obama’s actions on Ebola in 2014, contrary to the advice of actual public health experts.

Energy: Trump insisted in an August speech that solar power is too expensive to be feasible and wind turbines are a great killer of birds. In reality, the cost of solar has dropped 48 percent in just the past six years, and wind turbines kill far fewer birds than both buildings and cats, who murder over a billion a year.

Agriculture: In a since-deleted re-tweet, Trump blamed Ben Carson’s early lead in the Iowa polls on… GMOs. “Too much#Monsanto in the #corn creates issues in the brain?”

Climatology: Despite trying to build a seawall to protect his own Irish golf course, Trump has alleged that climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese to make America less competitive. (It’s not.)

Where’d this guy get his degree anyway? Trump University?