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Election reading for you! Wait, don’t go.

This is it, folks: The last weekend we’re left in the dark as to who the next president of the United States will be. At the very least, the agony of the uncertainty will all be over soon.

  • First thing’s first: This election has been wildly stressful — to the extent that election anxiety has had palpable impacts. Break out the Xanax, or maybe just stay off Twitter?
  • The New York Times gave us a very small, very particular window into a segment of the American electorate — through a vape shop in rural North Carolina.
  • The Texas Tribune investigated what the construction of Trump’s proposed border wall could actually look like.
  • Next week, Washington residents will vote on I-732, a ballot measure concerning a carbon tax. Read David Roberts’ exhaustive discussion of the tax on Vox, or Rebecca Leber’s exploration of how it became so contested — but preferably both!
  • One of the more remarkable contrasts of this election has been the extent to which the public knows so much about the private life of one candidate — by virtue of his reality TV celebrity — and relatively little about that of the other. In May (seems so long ago), Rebecca Traister gave us a more intimate look at Hillary Clinton.