Every week, we tell you to read! This week is different. - Grist


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Every week, we tell you to read! This week is different.

We’ve decided to give it a rest with the whole words thing, and picked our favorite multimedia features from this week. They’re informative, educational, and even delightful peeks at different bits and pieces of the world.

  • Hurricane Matthew’s bearing down on the southeastern U.S. coast — follow The New York Times’ multimodal coverage to keep informed of the disaster. And for context of what the storm means for the Florida coast, read Katie Herzog’s story. (Because words aren’t so bad after all.)
  • What’s it like to descend into the mine that produces the cobalt in your phone’s battery? Well, you can experience that on your phone — thanks to The Washington Post’s jarring feature on cobalt mining in the Congo.
  • The Hyde Amendment, which saw its 40th anniversary last Friday, prohibits the use of federal money to fund abortions. This disproportionately impacts young, low-income, and otherwise disenfranchised women, as a video from Rewire explores.
  • Have you spent the last eight years in a fugue state? Can’t really blame ya! To remind yourself of everything that’s happened in Obama’s America, dive into New York Magazine’s extremely comprehensive timeline.
  • What on earth is a water sommelier? More importantly: Why is a water sommelier? The Atlantic’s wonderful mini-doc tries to help us understand.