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Fracking causes noise pollution that could be harmful to your health.

The consequences of fracking can include higher cancer risk for workers, groundwater contamination, and methane leaks, as well as the sudden rash of earthquakes in places where they were previously rare.

Now, there’s another concern to add to the growing list: According to a recent study from nonprofit research institute PSE Healthy Energy and West Virginia University, the noise caused by fracking — which takes place both night and day — is connected to an array of health problems associated with sleep disturbance and cardiovascular health, including elevated blood pressure, hypertension, and heart disease.

“Oil and gas operations produce a complex symphony of noise types, including intermittent and continuous sounds and varying intensities,” said PSE Healthy Energy Executive Director Seth Shonkoff. Fracking operations can produce everything from a low rumble to loud drilling noises.

Like other public health threats, noise pollution disproportionately effects vulnerable populations like the elderly, children, and people suffering from chronic illness. While president-elect Trump has gone on record supporting local fracking bans, his top oil advisers wouldn’t agree and are eyeing opening new lands to fossil fuel development — including fracking.