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Goodbye peer review, hello industry review.

Starting Friday, head officials at the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Interior informed scientists and other advisers that they’d be replaced or their work would be put on hold.

EPA’s Board of Scientific Counselors evaluates the science conducted by the agency that’s used to craft regulations and policies, and has 18 scientist members. The Washington Post reports that EPA will not renew half of the current board’s terms, whereas historically, serving several terms has been the norm.

The agency says it plans to widen the pool it considers for the positions — to include members of industry.

Ecological economist Robert Richardson, among the terminated scientists, told the Post that he feels “great concern that objective science is being marginalized in this administration.” (He’s not alone.)

Interior also took up some changes starting Friday, putting over 200 groups that help manage public lands under review through September and perhaps beyond. Despite these changes, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is trying to boost morale. That same day, he launched “Doggy Days” at the department’s Washington offices.

We see what you’re doing there, Zinke.