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Got an hour to curl up with a good screen this weekend?

We know, we know. But these longreads are worth the extra screen time:

  • New York Times explores how on the southeastern coast of the U.S., sea-level rise isn’t a question of future tense.
  • Why is halting construction on the Dakota Access pipeline so important for the Native Americans who live around it? The Washington Post lays out the background of the #NoDAPL movement. If you’re not familiar with the term “tribal sovereignty,” learn why you should be in this Vox interview with Grist’s Aura Bogado.
  • Can red-dead-redemption Texas actually go blue for Clinton? The Atlantic looks into whether the state could do the unthinkable.
  • National Geographic has a huge downer of a piece on “the blob” of extra-warm water floating around the Pacific Ocean, which we can blame for those starving sea lions wandering into SoCal bars.
  • And now, a throwback: Do you live for fashion? Following NYFW? Revisit this New Yorker story on Marie Kondo’s approach to shopping — you’ll probably end up with a less wasteful wardrobe: “Kondo’s criterion for deciding whether to discard or keep an item is the same for purchasing: we should feel a thrill of joy when we touch it. … ‘I have to touch everything,’ she mused, fondling her way across the racks, feeling for joy.”