Here are our reading recs to kick off six months of hibernation. - Grist


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Here are our reading recs to kick off six months of hibernation.

Let’s welcome fall, the season of feeling just fine about never leaving your house! If you’re not planning to move your body for the foreseeable future, might as well keep the brain limber:

  • Andrew Sullivan wrote 10,000 words on the perils of push-notification culture. Is our screen-world killing us? If you can make it through the whole thing without checking your phone, there’s hope for us yet.
  • Bill McKibben lays out why, if we want to stay below a 2-degree C temperature rise, we can’t begin a single new drilling or digging project.
  • A profile of urbanist Jane Jacobs by the New Yorker’s Adam Gopnik looks at the achievements and missteps of “the St. Joan of the small scale.”
  • A sexy new farm-to-table restaurant is one of the first signs of gentrification in a city — but it turns out the movement is gentrifying the country, too.
  • ICYMI, Grist fellows Melissa Cronin and Xian Chiang-Waren produced beautifully reported pieces on, respectively: a proposed coal mine in Alaska that stands in for misbegotten fossil fuel projects everywhere; and the resistance movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock.
  • Sick of words yet? Watch this segment from VICE News on Pittsburgh Uber drivers’ reactions to the introduction of driverless Ubers in the Steel City: