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Avoidance Can Be OK

Here’s what to watch while you’re hiding from your family.

Need a break? We got you:

Atlanta (Season 1) (FX) — Carless in the suburbs over the holidays? According to Ben Adler, you might find some things to relate to in Donald Glover’s new show.

Erin Brockovich (Amazon Prime) — Between lead contamination in Flint and privatization in Pittsburgh, this has been a terrible year for municipal water. No better time to remember that the plot of the best Julia Roberts movie can actually happen in real life.

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (Netflix) — This one goes out to everyone walking three miles home from the bar the night before Thanksgiving because late-night public transit and/or Lyft in your town is nonexistent! The only thing scarier than an unofficial high school reunion at a bar is an actual vampire — which is what this Iranian film is about. The vampire, however, is cooler than everyone you’ve ever known.

The Leftovers (Season 2) (HBOGo) — Mysterious earthquakes! Violent, fundamentalist cults! Justin Theroux’s arms! Wait, is this real life?

The Revenant (HBOGo) — If you’re simply trying to take up a lot of time, this movie is very long, so there’s that. Also, it’s nice to see so much snow and ice before it disappears forever!