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Hurricane Matthew has brought the weather deniers out of hiding.

Ahead of Hurricane Matthew’s landfall in Florida, Matt Drudge took to Twitter to spread particularly bad hurricane-preparedness advice.

Rush Limbaugh is saying something similar: “It’s in the interest of the left to have destructive hurricanes because then they can blame it on climate change.”

If this behavior seems predictable, it’s because it is. The climate change denial Drudge has amplified over the years is not some contained viewpoint. For those who view climate change as a vast conspiracy theory, they can begin to see the rest of the world that way, too.

So now Drudge and company are channeling their anxieties into even more inventive, and perhaps more destructive, forms of denial.

Conservatives who don’t want to listen to President Obama’s state of emergency for Florida might at least listen to Gov. Rick Scott — noted climate denier — who’s telling folks, “This storm will kill you.”

Or tune out the politicians but do learn the facts: Preparedness goes a long way in avoiding injuries and fatalities when a disaster comes to town.