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deeds not words

Jay Faison
Lisa Bynum

If this Republican donor loves clean energy, then why did he back fossil-fuel friendly candidates?

Last year, Jay Faison announced that he was going to spend $175 million promoting conservative solutions to climate change and backing Republican candidates who supported clean energy. Faison has been showered with loads of positive press ever since.

The problem is, Faison opposes actual strategies to mitigate global warming such as carbon pricing or regulation of carbon pollution. He supports policies, like more fracking, that are sure to make it worse.

Faison spent money on behalf of Republican members of Congress in crucial swing states and districts. Faison’s ClearPath Action political action committee backed 15 candidates for Congress, and 13 won last Tuesday.

Some of the winning candidates, including Ohio Sen. Rob Portman and North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, have consistently sided with the fossil-fuel industry and against environmental protection.

If Portman and Burr had lost, Democrats would have had two more climate-friendly Senators to fight the GOP’s plans to repeal every Obama-era climate regulation, approve every oil and gas pipeline, and eviscerate the Environmental Protection Agency.

It’s tempting to say Faison’s work has proved counter-productive, but the results suggest ClearPath’s goal was to help Republicans, not the Earth.