If you use Blue Apron, you'll want to read this. - Grist


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If you use Blue Apron, you’ll want to read this.

The company has already faced complaints over excessive packaging. Now, a BuzzFeed News investigation reveals labor conditions for the company’s warehouse workers may be dire, with long hours, low pay, and health and safety violations.

“All told,” BuzzFeed’s Caroline O’Donovan writes, “interviews with 14 former employees describe a chaotic, stressful environment where employees work long days for wages starting at $12 an hour bagging cilantro or assembling boxes in a warehouse kept at a temperature below 40 degrees.”

O’Donovan details how the company rapidly grew into a 4,000-employee operation that delivers around 8 million meals a month. “One day in pack-out could be worse than an entire Black Friday at Best Buy, as far as stress goes,” one former team lead told BuzzFeed.

Blue Apron has raised $193.8 million in venture capital. As of 2015, it was valued at $2 billion.