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In the age of Trumpian climate policy, do we have to find a new Earth? Read up on it.

What’d you miss this week while you were deciding which relative would most benefit from a copy of Cooking for Jeffrey? We’ve got you:

  • Sara Seager is an astrophysicist who’s trying to find the next Earth. The issue? It won’t be in our solar system — or maybe anywhere near it. The New York Times Magazine gives us an exquisitely written piece on her fascinating life.
  • Houston’s going to flood, and badly, during the next big hurricane — that’s not a question of “if,” but “when.” ProPublica has an engrossing interactive feature on the threat that climate-augmented storms pose to America’s fourth-largest city.
  • Read the Guardian’s feature on the role that the successful Standing Rock protests played in the lives of Native Americans struggling with mental illness and addiction.
  • Why does Tom Price’s appointment to Secretary of Health and Human Services matter so much? Well, read the New York Times Magazine’s portrait of the regions of the country left out of the Affordable Care Act because of state politics.
  • This interactive feature from the New York Times on the possible future of climate change under Trump is, according to one Grist editor, “a nicely illustrated horror story.”