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Reuters/Stoyan Nenov

Is Iceland over?

You probably know someone who’s been to the land of Björk and elves (redundant) — if you’re not sure, check the Instagram account of your friend with the most small black-and-white tattoos. The Nordic country has experienced an exponential boom in tourism since 2010.

But has the country crested the cusp of desirability? Below, the evidence that Iceland is hurtling toward a state of abject irrelevance:

  1. “Global warming has raised the average air temperature in the country about 2 degrees Fahrenheit in the past 20 years, and in that time, 200 new insect species have settled in Iceland that could not thrive there before, Mr. Gislason said: ‘If the warming continues, we may find mosquitoes in Iceland in the near future.'” — The New York Times
  2. “I ask him: Are islanders saddened by the puffins’ breeding collapse? ‘Ja,’ he nods, ‘because the puffins is part of the island. He is our . . .’ Juliusson hunts for words, then says slowly, ‘The puffins is the same as you and me.'” — Audubon
  3. “It’s no wonder W’s chic globetrotter Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert elected Iceland for her honeymoon — or that other celebrities, like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Justin Bieber (RIP his Instagram), Karlie Kloss, and Beyoncé have all flocked there.” — W Magazine

You decide.