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Most Americans think climate change has a place in education.

Seventy-eight percent say that schools should teach kids about global warming, according to a recent analysis by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Still, not everyone agrees. In recent years, several states have introduced bills that would take climate science out of the classroom. In Idaho, legislators erased human-caused climate change from the state curriculum last year — but in February, the state government voted to include it again. That aligns with the will of the people: The Yale survey shows that in all 50 states, including Idaho, a majority of people support teaching kids about the warming planet.

Need some suggestions for climate change education that focuses on action and not gloom? Megan Herbert and Michael Mann’s The Tantrum That Saved The World is one option. Grist even tested the book out— we read it to a class of first graders to get their feedback, and they were pretty into it.