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Most Trump voters actually support climate action.

That’s the takeaway from a post-election survey, “Climate Change in the American Mind” — and boy, does the American Mind continue to confound us.

A different poll, released last week by the University of New Hampshire, found that only a quarter of people who voted for Trump think that climate change is caused by humans.

In contrast, this new poll, from researchers at Yale and George Mason University, found that 49 percent of Trump voters think global warming is happening, and even more of them support policies to promote clean energy and cut down on climate pollution.

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

More results from the Yale/George Mason poll of Trump voters:

  • 77 percent support generating renewable energy on public land.
  • 71 percent support funding more clean energy research.
  • 62 percent support taxing and/or regulating pollution that causes global warming.
  • 52 percent support ending federal subsidies for the fossil fuel industry.

If only these positions were shared by Trump and his cabinet.