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Mommy dearest

‘Mother!’ is a climate change parable, and it sounds terrifying.

No movie this year has generated more intrigue than director Darren Aronofsky’s horror flick mother!, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem.

While many have teased out the biblical themes in the controversial film, there’s another story you might miss in this symbolism-heavy nightmare. Aronofsky and Lawrence explained the film’s climate change connection to the New York Times. (Warning: spoilers ahead.)

“Mother!” is about Mother Earth (Ms. Lawrence) and God (Mr. Bardem), whose poetic hit has the weight of the Old Testament: hence all the visitors clamoring for a piece of Him, as his character is called. The house represents our planet … The movie is about climate change, and humanity’s role in environmental destruction.

Sound weird? Heck yeah. Critics have characterized mother! as a “tour de force of choreographed insanity” that thrives on the “horror of confusion.”

And to point out one further similarity with climate change: Just like watching the damage climate change is wreaking on the planet unfold, watching mother! leaves us uneasy and outraged at what we’re witnessing.