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preaching to the coral

Need a break from political news? Hey, look, the ocean!

I see you over there, patiently combing through the Comey testimony for the 11th time. I’m worried about you.

Here, take a load off. Close the tabs. Watch a surprisingly uplifting video about coral reefs from Great Big Story:

We’ve covered the Coral Restoration Foundation’s work in Florida before, and last November, the organization won a $2.1 million grant from NOAA to expand its restoration efforts. And since it’s June 8 — otherwise known as World Oceans Day, the day when ocean lovers implore us to stop throwing every single piece of plastic we can find into the ocean — let’s take a moment to appreciate this oft-overlooked holiday for the distraction that it can provide.

Need a longer break from the stranger-than-fiction twists of our national nightmare? Dive into our long read about the scientists and activists working to restore coral reefs before it’s too late.