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Netflix’s ‘Chasing Coral’ brings dying reefs to life.

Corals around the world just had their three worst years ever. A new film directed by Jeff Orlowski (of Chasing Ice fame) takes us to the front lines of that devastation: the unprecedented bleaching and coral death of the Great Barrier Reef in 2016.

Maybe you’re thinking: “I don’t live on a coral reef. Why should I care about some weird sea creatures dying in Australia?” And, look — I don’t live on a coral reef either! (Though lots of people do.) Even if you live thousands of miles from a coast, there’s a lot to appreciate about coral reefs — for example, from pharmaceuticals to fishing, corals supply an estimated $375 billion in goods and services every year.

Chasing Coral premieres on Netflix on July 14. For more, check out our Q&A with Orlowski.