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New year, new Friday, new reading list — but hey, never change.

Well, unless you really want to. Here’s some reading to jump-start your brain makeover for 2017:

  • All you need to know about Outside’s profile of Alaska’s lone veterinary pathologist: “‘I’m hungry,’ she said across the bloody table. She removed the otter’s head and reached for the bone saw. ‘Who likes Indian?'”
  • In 70 years of avocado research, no one has found a breed to unseat the holy Hass — but, as told in Wired, that doesn’t mean the effort is over.
  • What does a mini-farm in a school cafeteria have to do with the future of vertical urban farming? Find out in the New Yorker.
  • If you want to attack homelessness head-on, the Lindsay Lohan approach (rehab, that is) might actually be a good — if nontraditional — start. Pacific Standard visits a “sober utopia” in Colorado.
  • The inauguration is in two weeks. Sorry! If you’re a woman who’s gearing up to resist the Trump administration’s policies, this essay from Jezebel has some good advice: Get ugly.