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No, all of your friends haven’t gone to Standing Rock without you.

Although it may appear that way from your Facebook feed, with everyone from your grandmother to your weed delivery guy checking in at the protest against the Dakota Access pipeline.

The reason for the apparent mass exodus to North Dakota is a viral Facebook post asking people all over the world to check in at Standing Rock in order to overwhelm the local police, who have, according to this Facebook post, been using authentic check-ins to target activists on the ground.

But how true is this? Snopes looked into the phenomenon and found no evidence that the Morton County police department is using Facebook check-ins to surveil the protests. “This claim/rumor,” said the police department, “is absolutely false.”

That said, the police could be using other, more accurate social monitoring technologies like Geofeedia, as the Atlantic points out.

As Dallas Goldtooth, an organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network, writes:

Here’s more information if you want to help out.