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Trump's America

Our government is now getting its science news from science-denying Breitbart.

Whoever runs the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Twitter account put on a tinfoil hat today and decided to comb through r/ImAnIdiot for an article on “the science.” This is what they came up with:

That’s an article from “alt-right” publication Breitbart claiming that 2016’s rise in global temperatures was just a fluke spurred by El Niño. Breitbart’s piece aggregates an article from the Daily Mail, a similarly reputable news source.

Despite a recent decrease in land temperatures, a strong El Niño itself can’t — and doesn’t — explain the overall warming trend. As blogger Tamino points out, the data cited by the Daily Mail has been cherrypicked multiple times over to show fluctuations in temperature rather than the overall warming trend.

Even though our government is quickly being taken over by climate deniers, we can find solace in the fact that Bernie Sanders will always be ready with the quick clapback.