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Hi, hell!

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Prepare to be chilled to your core.

Welcome to the triumphant return of climate denial to American politics:

While he was speaking Inhofe looked at the contrarian scientists in the front row before him and smiled.

“You’ve got all my heroes here from the old days,” he said.

That’s from a InsideClimate News piece of dystopian fiction report on a climate policy summit co-hosted by the Texas Public Policy Foundation and the Heritage Foundation, which featured such science-rejecting stars as House Science Chair Rep. Lamar Smith, coal billionaire Corbin J. Robertson Jr., and Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe.

Maybe you haven’t noticed — bless your heart — but President-elect Trump has front-loaded his cabinet with a veritable prepper’s pantry of climate deniers.

InsideClimate’s story is worth a read. Still, Inhofe’s remark alone portends the next few years.