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Read these things, get smarter — it’s that simple.

We put together a little weekend reading list so that you can impress your next Tinder date.

  • What happens when your Pacific Island home slowly washes away into the sea? If you’re a Marshall Islander, you might settle in the unlikely locale of Springdale, Arkansas — home to the largest Marshallese community outside of the islands. The Guardian gives us an intimate look at the transition to Middle America.
  • Ocean acidification is one of climate change’s biggest — and perhaps most nebulous — threats. As such a looming environmental problem, shouldn’t the EPA be able to address it? The Atlantic dives in.
  • The New Yorker profiles the often reclusive and mightily principled founder of Patagonia, the eco-savior brand that outfits every bro at your nearest microbrewery.
  • We all have an idea of what a climate-changed forest looks like (Dead. It looks dead) — but what does it sound like? The Atlantic tells how ecologist Lauren Oakes found a way to share data on forest ecology with musical instruments instead of line graphs.