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K-cup smash!

Sean Hannity fans are destroying Keurig machines for all the wrong reasons.

Conservatives posted videos of themselves smashing, breaking, and pulverizing the popular coffee machines this weekend after the company announced it would no longer advertise on the Fox News show.

A Washington Post story containing allegations that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore sexually pursued teenage girls in the late 1970s and early ’80s set off the firestorm. In response to having the candidate on Hannity’s show, Keurig made the decision to pull advertising following a public outcry. Then #BoycottKeurig was born. And finally, Keurig apologized for taking sides.

It’s not clear how many people are actually boycotting Keurig with this expensive stunt, but from a quick social media search we’ll put it in the ballpark of roughly “a handful.”

What we do know is that the instant K-cups used in Keurig machines are utterly horrifying for the planet. In 2015, the company sold over 9 billion of the coffee pods — enough to circle the planet 10 times. They’re recyclable now, but that doesn’t make them much better considering a regular old coffee pot works just fine.

If you wait long enough, conservatives will trick themselves into becoming eco-warriors.