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Seth Meyers devoted a full nine minutes to Trump and climate change.

On Wednesday, the late night host hit on the president-elect’s climate denial, his weird obsession with wind energy, and his oil-loving cabinet picks.

Trump’s pick for the Department of Energy, Rick Perry, has claimed climate scientists manipulate data out of their own financial interests.

“You think climate scientists are getting rich off this stuff?” Meyers asked. “Have you seen how they dress? They look like they were shoved into a Goodwill store naked and given 90 seconds to pick an outfit.” Hard to argue with that.

“Just to recap 2016,” Meyers said. “It was the hottest year ever, Donald Trump won the presidency, and, on top of that, the Chicago Cubs won the fucking World Series. I’m pretty sure that’s three out of the four horsemen of the apocalypse right there.”

And we’re pretty sure Meyers doing nine minutes on climate change is the fourth. God save us all.