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Stop what you’re doing and watch kids rap about growing food.

Put down the Hot Cheetos and Takis and pick up the broccoli: That’s the message in a very catchy new music video produced by Appetite for Change, a North Minneapolis non-profit that organizes workshops, urban gardens, and training opportunities for youth.

The song, Grow Food, concerns food deserts. A food desert is an area where access to affordable, healthy foods are limited or nonexistent due to a lack of grocery stores within a reasonable distance. They’re especially common in many black neighborhoods like North Minneapolis. As the kids put it:

You see in my hood, there ain’t really much to eat. Popeye’s on the corner, McDonalds right across the street. All the talk about guns and drugs, it’s pretty serious. But look at what they’re feeding y’all. That’s what’s killing us.

Appetite for Change hopes to address this by making fresh, healthy foods more accessible, and by putting kids to work growing their own. Hopefully, the growing is as good as the beats.