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Who run the world?

Sweden’s climate minister just trolled Trump in the most excellent way.

Isabella Lövin, who also serves as the country’s deputy prime minister, signed a new climate law on Friday and posed for an epic photograph that many on social media interpreted as a jab at President Trump.

One of Trump’s first executive orders was the reinstatement of the “global gag rule,” a draconian measure that denies federal funding for international groups that provide information on abortion access. The photo of Trump surrounded solely by white men while signing the order was criticized by countless advocacy groups and progressives.

Lövin hinted to The Local what her message was with the photograph: “We are a feminist government, which shows in this photo. Ultimately it is up to the observer to interpret the photo.”

Our interpretation: A government that places gender equality and climate action at the forefront of decision-making can still exist despite Trump’s ascendancy. We just have to make it happen.