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Tesla’s parking lot is a nightmare hellscape.

Elon Musk, the company’s celebrated chief executive, has convinced investors that he’s building the electric cars of our future. But he has yet to tackle the stubborn problem left over from the 20th century: Parking sucks. If you need any convincing, consider this snapshot from Tesla’s overcrowded parking lot.


That’s from an Instagram account documenting the madness.

You might think Tesla could try to fix its problem with self-driving cars that ferry people to work then park themselves in a faraway lot. But that really doesn’t solve the parking problem so much as relocate it. The fact is, no matter how green and smart you make them, cars still hog big swathes of valuable land.


So, sure, let’s hope for a future full of electric cars. But maybe we should also experiment with something truly disruptive, like making it easier for developers to build dense housing near offices, thereby giving employees the choice of walking to work. Pedestrians don’t squabble over parking spots.