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The “alt” government agencies on Twitter are telling you everything President Trump won’t.

If our public servants aren’t allowed to recognize the dangers of human-caused climate change, value scientific research, and call Trump on his shenanigans — well, the internet will give us new ones. Welcome to 2017!

Trump’s flurry of anti-science actions in his first week spurred over 50 “alternative” Twitter accounts representing government agencies allegedly run by staffers from the real-world agencies.

@AltNatParkSer first popped up after the official Twitter account for the National Park Service retweeted messages critical of Trump’s inauguration crowd size — and in response, Trump ordered the agency to stop tweeting.

Then dozens more started showing up. Now, nearly every agency from NASA to the CDC to the State Department has an alt-account.

As CNN reported, none of the owners of these accounts have been confirmed due to fear of being targeted by Trump’s administration. On Thursday, @AltNatParkSer claimed that the account had been turned over to activists and a few journalists working as fact checkers.

Here’s a list of many of the alt-accounts, if you want to follow along.

Reminder: This is Week One of the Trump presidency.