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Climate matters

Black Lives Matter U.K. shut down London City Airport for six hours, protesting climate injustice.

Nine people, all white allies of BLM U.K., were arrested at the commuter airport on Tuesday after they locked themselves on the runway.

Like other wealthy countries, the United Kingdom is one of the biggest per-capita contributors to global warming. Meanwhile, countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are reeling from the effects of drought brought on by climate change, driving migrants north in search of safety. Not only do people fleeing climate crises often perish en route, but there’s not even a clear, shared definition on what a forced climate migrant is — much less a plan to address the crisis. That’s why, too often, climate migrants face deportation.

Airplanes contribute to greenhouse-gas emissions, and airports foul the air and soil of nearby neighborhoods. BLM U.K. points out that London City Airport, a favorite hub for local bankers with more than 4 million passengers last year, caters to those who can easily afford to fly, but not to the local residents of color who have to live with the pollution of an airport nearby. The group is opposing a $500 million airport expansion, citing quality of life concerns.