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The Halloween of the future is coming, and you’re not going to like it.

Climate change is ruining our spookiest holiday. Here are some scary ways the 31st of October might look different going forward:

  • No more bats. That’s right, the little critters could be on their way to extinction thanks to disease and habitat loss. At least one bat species in the United States might disappear within two decades because of a fungal disease that has already killed millions of the flying mammals.
  • The end of chocolate. Savor your Halloween candy now, because chocolate may be a rare treat in a few years. Experts predict a serious cocoa shortage by 2020 due to changing weather patterns.
  • Balmy weather. In the future, we’ll be trick-or-treating in short sleeves. Rapidly rising CO2 levels mean our odds of failing to limit global warming to below 2 degrees C are at 99.5 percent. Welcome to “hotumn.”

A little piece of good news: Melting permafrost in the Arctic could unleash a Pandora’s box of ancient microbes and spread diseases from Halloweens past — ones that have been dormant for hundreds of years.

Did I say good news? I meant bad news. Happy Halloween.