The Marrakech climate talks still aren't over, but here's what's gone down so far. - Grist


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The Marrakech climate talks still aren’t over, but here’s what’s gone down so far.

Though this year’s U.N. climate agenda was notably less ambitious than that of the 2015 Paris meeting, climate conferences always go long. You should know that. Write it down.

But there are a few notable outcomes already ironed out, even if negotiators are still scrambling on the final text:

  1. Countries say they remain SUPER committed to the Paris Agreement — they wrote a proclamation about it — even with president-elect what’s-his-name threatening U.S. participation.
  1. Because of president-elect what’s-his-name, private companies, cities, and states are going to play an increasingly important role in climate action. On Thursday, 365 companies said they’d move ahead with climate goals even if the U.S. lags behind. Earlier in the climate talks, over 7,000 cities said they’d cut emissions by 27 percent by 2020.
  1. There still isn’t enough money. Rich countries have agreed to help developing countries adapt to climate change, but current commitments fall short of what’s needed. The Adaptation Fund, tied to the Kyoto Protocol, raised $81 million at the conference. But rich countries didn’t increase the measly $100 billion committed to another fund.
  1. Look out for 2018! More decisions on the Paris implementation “rulebook” are coming in the next two years. You didn’t think countries were going to figure everything out in two weeks, did you?