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Bill is back

Will Bill Nye’s Netflix show actually save the world? I mean, we’ll take anything right now.

A trailer for the Science Guy’s new series leaves no doubt that his endeavor will be as zany and nerdy as ever. But this time around, it carries the added benefits of more star power (i.e. noted Beyoncé fan Karlie Kloss) and the freedom to binge every episode in one sitting.

Bill Nye Saves the World will premiere April 21 on Netflix as a nice little pregame for the March for Science on Earth Day in Washington, D.C. It’ll tackle hot topics like sex, technology, climate change, GMOs, and alternative medicine.

In the trailer released this week, we get a glimpse at the format of the show (think Daily Show meets the Magic School Bus) as well as some of the stars joining in on the fun.

As you’ve likely noticed, Nye has become more politically active in recent years by speaking out against climate deniers and challenging their bunk science, among other things. Joining Netflix will give him an even larger platform to dish out sick burns to science-haters.