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REUTERS/Mike Segar

The scandal-embroiled Trump Foundation once donated to a climate advocacy group.

The Washington Post has been reporting recently on Donald Trump’s potentially illegal actions related to the foundation that bears his name, but there was nothing dodgy about this donation. It might just seem a little odd coming from a man who has repeatedly called climate change a hoax.

As Grist previously noted, in 2014 Trump sent a $5,000 check from his foundation to Protect Our Winters, a nonprofit that engages skiers and snowboarders in the fight against climate change. The story behind the donation is that Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson was a contestant on Trump’s reality TV show The Apprentice, and when she was kicked off the show, she asked Trump to donate to Protect Our Winters. He sent a check with this note:


Though Trump is currently opposed to climate action, he is famously inconsistent. As Grist reported in June, Trump signed an open letter in 2009 urging President Obama and Congress to take action to fight global warming.

While a $5,000 donation may seem rather piddling from a man who claims to be worth $10 billion, it’s in line with the Trump Foundation’s other donations, the vast majority of which are small. The notable exception: In 2014, the Trump Foundation gave $100,000 to Citizens United.