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There’s so much you don’t know out there!

The internet is full of terrible things, but it’s also a repository of endlessly fascinating information. We’ve sorted some gems from the rubbish-heap for you:

  • NASA’s greatest threat isn’t Sen. Ted Cruz — it’s the rising oceans that threaten Texas’ Gulf Coast, home of the Kennedy Space Center. From Gizmodo: “Here I am, at a place that … flaunts the raw power of human technology that was built to explore the infinite, only to learn of man’s essential helplessness in the face of nature.”
  • One of the most depressing fallouts of Louisiana’s tragic floods? An increase in domestic violence. The Atlantic reports on this invisible side effect of natural disasters: “The woman’s family and friends are probably telling her, ‘You should just go back to your husband, at least his house is dry.’”
  • The decimation of the West African sawfish is another heartbreaking curveball for a fast-changing culture: “For [the elders], the disappearance of this animal is another major challenge, a kick in the stomach when the fighter is already down for the count.”
  • Leah Finnegan makes a compelling argument against all that Seamless you’ve been ordering over at Eater: “Each delivery service is uniquely sinister,” and “weighted with implications for industry, labor, and the environment.”