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These 5 artists are sketching out the future of climate action.

According to an article in Yale Climate Communications, art can help us “see what can be difficult to see” — something that’s particularly important for climate change, which often affects us in invisible ways.

We interviewed some of the artists provoking thoughtful environmental action for the Grist 50 2018, our list of rising stars drawing up solutions to humanity’s biggest challenges.

  • Favianna Rodriguez creates visual art that makes connections between racial, gender, and environmental justice. You’ll recognize her work from the People’s Climate March and immigrant rights rallies.
  • Imani Jacqueline Brown organized the Fossil Free Fest, an event this spring that used art to bring communities together to envision a fossil-free New Orleans.
  • Antonique Smith, a singer and actress, starred as Mimi in the Broadway show Rent — and she’s dedicating way more than five-hundred twenty-five thousand, six-hundred minutes to climate change action.
  • Putting Big Oil in the spotlight? Tanya Kalmanovitch is up to the task. She wrote a play about her experience growing up next to the biggest bitumen oil reservoir in the world.
  • If you think there’s nothing funny about climate change, think again. Comedian Josh Healy is providing some much-needed comic relief — and inspiring others to take action.

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