This is your last beach weekend, and we've got great reading recs for you: - Grist


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This is your last beach weekend, and we’ve got great reading recs for you:


  • Wired tells the story of how Monsanto, arch-nemesis of environmentalists, hired a guy to try to save the bees that we’re all panicked about. Meet the “Dear Abby” of beekeepers.
  • The Washington Post delves into the Redoubt movement, a community of preppers that’s settled in northern Idaho.
  • We all know that the income gap is widening, but new research shows that the achievement gap between wealthy and low-income kids is shrinking. One possible reason? A plummeting teen pregnancy rate, suggests Derek Thompson in The Atlantic.
  • This week, Obama put forward a plan to save the Salton Sea, the massive body of water in California that’s been hit hard by the drought. For background on that whole disaster, we’re gonna pull out an #fbf and recommend this New Yorker piece from last year.
  • Counterpoint: Vox interviews water reporter John Fleck about whether we actually have to be so freaked out about an impending water crisis in the West.
  • Powerful windstorms are blowing manure particles containing antibiotic-resistant microbes all across Texas. No other way to put that, really, but Texas Monthly tells it how it is — and how an unlikely duo figured out that this literal shitstorm could cause big problems.