This week wore us out, too - here's what we're reading to get away from it. - Grist


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This week wore us out, too — here’s what we’re reading to get away from it.

All we have to say is: woof. Without further ado, our weekly reading recs:

  • After so much sexist commentary in the news, we could all use this wonderful essay from Rebecca Solnit, who imagines what New York City would look like if the streets and city landmarks commemorated the amazing women of history, rather than the men.
  • Via The Atlantic, visit an indigenous village in Canada’s Northwest Territories that’s equally threatened by the forces of globalization and climate change.
  • Do we really know how our sausage is made? Because we should, even if we don’t want to. The New York Times Magazine peeks into the world of animal rights activists who have taken over the unsavory job of meat industry watchdog, ag gag laws be damned.
  • Election anxiety is a real thing. If you are feeling stressed and depressed — we know we are, so no judgment — let Rebecca Traister’s ode to Michelle Obama’s powerful speech at a Clinton rally, and what it meant for women, lift you out of the dumps.
  • And ICYMI on Grist: Read Amelia Urry on what really happens to your recycled iPhone, Katie Herzog on a survivalist who traffics in YouTube tutorials, and Kate Yoder on the dying languages of a melting Greenland.