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Hurricane Matthew

Reuters / Jonathan Drake

Tonight’s debate shouldn’t ignore Hurricane Matthew.

Donald Trump’s remarks about assaulting women and the latest Wikileaks dump on Hillary Clinton will almost certainly dominate tonight’s town hall in St. Louis. But the other big story of the week — Hurricane Matthew’s devastating advance — should produce its share of tough questions for the candidates, as well.

A few things we’d like to hear discussed:

  • How should the federal government help communities prepare for stronger and more frequent weather disasters due to climate change, and how would you fund that?
  • Is it time to consider a coordinated withdrawal from the most dangerous parts of the U.S. coastline — or to restrict rebuilding in the most vulnerable places?
  • The National Flood Insurance Program is billions of dollars in debt. How would you fix it?
  • Budget and scheduling issues twice delayed the launch of improved weather satellites, which could help predict storms in real time. How would you ensure proper forecasting?
  • Haiti bore the brunt of Hurricane Matthew, and people around the world who did little to contribute to climate change are now suffering the most from its effects. What obligation does the United State owe them, and how would you provide aid and assistance?